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2012, June 9th Chatlog: GoMe Meeting (IRC Chat)

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Chatlog recorded by: Doobes

Moderator: Doobes

Attendees: AgeExplorer, Ahlisendar, Doobes, Leonardo, Luna, Lyrositor, Musica, Nev'yn

Topics: Recruitment, URU2U, TCP 2.0, News Age

[Begin Log]

(11:58:07 AM) ***Doobes looks for a gavel to use to start the meeting...sees none...bangs his fist on the table instead XD
(11:58:13 AM) Ahlisendar: Yep
(11:58:30 AM) Doobes: Alright then.  I'm going to go by Ly's list of topics from the thread.  We'll start with recruitment.
(11:58:49 AM) Doobes: Age and others have mentioned recruitment drives.  When would be the best time to have these?
(11:58:59 AM) Doobes: After AGM possibly?
(11:59:18 AM) Ahlisendar: That seems like a good idea.
(11:59:33 AM) Doobes: Not like a whole weekend thing like the fair and not every AGM of course.
(11:59:35 AM) AgeExplorer: Yeah I remember someone suggesting that awhile ago.
(11:59:46 AM) Musica [~42a0e2d1@ircip2.mibbit.com] entered the room.
(11:59:54 AM) Doobes: Ah, welcome Musica.  Just in time!
(12:00:03 PM) Doobes: We're talking recruitment drive.
(12:00:15 PM) Musica: Ye-s-s-s?
(12:00:41 PM) Doobes: I'm thinking like an hour after the AGM, since we're all there anyway.  And yes, I will be there front and center each time we do this.  I volunteer.
(12:00:43 PM) Nev [~Nevyn_001@ip-64-134-191-60.public.wayport.net] entered the room.
(12:00:49 PM) Lyrositor_AFK is now known as Lyrositor
(12:00:49 PM) ***Doobes may be a GM, but he will get his hands dirty when needed
(12:01:05 PM) Doobes: But again, the details are up for debate.
(12:01:17 PM) Lyrositor: I'm leaving now, but I'm watching you all!
(12:01:24 PM) Doobes: Eeeek!
(12:01:25 PM) Lyrositor: (Hi Musica.)
(12:01:26 PM) ***Doobes hides
(12:01:28 PM) Doobes: Welcome Nev!
(12:01:37 PM) Musica: Hi Lyro
(12:01:42 PM) Musica: Hi Nev
(12:01:47 PM) AgeExplorer: Hello Nev
(12:02:02 PM) Doobes: And of course, certain European AGM moderators are exempt unless he so chooses to stay and help with recruitment. ;)
(12:02:33 PM) Doobes: Given the craziness of running the damn AGM, that's the least we could do for ya, Leo.
(12:02:39 PM) AgeExplorer: I think Leo is busy now.
(12:02:48 PM) Nev: Iĺl be ¨around¨ as store business dictates.
(12:02:50 PM) Doobes: Eh, he'll see the log. :P
(12:02:54 PM) Doobes: OK Nev.
(12:03:17 PM) AgeExplorer: If I get the chance to attend more AGM I will try and help.
(12:03:25 PM) Doobes: So what does everyone think?  Maybe every other AGM we could try this?
(12:03:26 PM) AgeExplorer: These next months will be busy for me though.
(12:03:38 PM) Doobes: Indeed.  This will be strictly voluntary, not required.
(12:03:53 PM) Doobes: But as you can see, we still have success in recruiting new people.
(12:03:58 PM) ***Doobes gestures to Ahlisendar :)
(12:04:21 PM) Musica: new messenger? whoo-hoo
(12:04:58 PM) Doobes: Oh, hehehe.  Musica, this is Ahlisendar.  Ahlisendar, Musica.
(12:05:13 PM) ***Ahlisendar waves hello
(12:05:27 PM) Musica: Welcome, bienvenue, etc
(12:05:35 PM) Doobes: Anyway, if we want to have any other recruitment drives not tied to the AGM for others' convenience, we can do that too.
(12:05:41 PM) Nev: and depending on the respoinse, we may be getting another French translator, as well.
(12:05:49 PM) Doobes: Oooo!
(12:05:52 PM) Doobes: Nice. :)
(12:06:13 PM) Musica: Do you want to start the recruitment with July AGM?
(12:06:22 PM) Doobes: Or, if we'd prefer to do the drives BEFORE the AGM, since we usually just kind of sit around beforehand, that's an option as well.
(12:06:39 PM) Doobes: We could.  Just need some volunteers who can make it.  I've already volunteered.
(12:07:24 PM) Doobes: And again, it doesn't necessarily have to be an hour.  Could be less...could be MORE.  It's very open.
(12:07:53 PM) Doobes: Any other discussion on this?
(12:07:56 PM) Doobes: Comments?
(12:08:26 PM) Doobes: OK, moving on then...
(12:08:30 PM) Nev: Well, i want to do a one before/after the agm.
(12:08:31 PM) Ahlisendar: Er, no. I've never actually been to an AGM, so I'm not sure what's involved.
(12:08:38 PM) Nev: Last time, but RL prevented it.
(12:08:42 PM) Luna: hi everyone *goes back to looking at other stuff*
(12:08:42 PM) Doobes: Heh, OK.
(12:09:07 PM) Doobes: Ahlisendar, your best bet would just be to attend one.  You'll get the hang of it.  Plus, we want to formally introduce you as a Messenger. :)
(12:09:13 PM) Musica: I had problems logging on after the updates from Cyan
(12:09:24 PM) Doobes: Really?
(12:09:27 PM) Musica: Hi Luna
(12:09:47 PM) Nev: Yeah, so did I the first few times....
(12:10:20 PM) Doobes: I'm guessing submit a ticket to Cyan or post on the forums there.  It's been a mixed bag with the latest update.
(12:10:37 PM) Musica: It says you have an old version running and also Administrator stuff
(12:10:41 PM) Doobes: Next AGM is July 7th, by the way.  Just saying. :D
(12:11:20 PM) Ahlisendar: Ok. Looking forward to it!
(12:11:39 PM) Doobes: Not sure how to fix it, Musica.  Haven't run into that problem, sadly.
(12:11:47 PM) Doobes: Anywho, any more on recruitment?
(12:12:09 PM) Musica: Actually my husband fixed it and I wrote it down for next time we get an update
(12:12:17 PM) Doobes: Hehehe.  Perfect!
(12:12:25 PM) Ahlisendar: Umm... bribing? ;D
(12:12:44 PM) Doobes: Well, Ly apparently has the Linking Book to the Money Age, so we'll have to get him to work that out. :P
(12:13:01 PM) AgeExplorer: LOL
(12:13:05 PM) Ahlisendar: I don't know. What you've got now seems pretty good... the AGM idea sounds good.
(12:13:18 PM) Musica: He has "the knack"
(12:13:22 PM) Ahlisendar: Although most of those people will already be in guilds, so...
(12:13:41 PM) Doobes: Eh, people can be in multiple Guilds if they want.  It MIGHT get confusing, but still...
(12:13:45 PM) ***Doobes shrugs
(12:13:46 PM) Musica: I plan to be at next AGM and can probably hang out after
(12:14:22 PM) Doobes: Excellent.  We'll plan on having the first recruitment drive after July's meeting then.  Everyone is welcome to help out or run out after the meeting if they want.
(12:14:28 PM) Nev: (Not sure about my schedule, sorry..will do CCíng as i can though.)
(12:14:40 PM) Ahlisendar: Personally, I'd rather devote all of my time and energy to one guild, rather than sort of contribute a bit to several.
(12:14:55 PM) Doobes: I will probably join you for some of that, Nev.  I need to get into the cavern more often. :)
(12:15:25 PM) Doobes: Indeed, Ahl.  It's up to each explorer how much or how little they want to do.
(12:15:48 PM) Doobes: Okay, so next topic: URU2U, the video project that's been on again, off again. :D
(12:16:00 PM) Leonardo: I'm not even sure I will be at the AGM....
(12:16:00 PM) Musica: What is it, please?
(12:16:20 PM) Doobes: Well, let me know, Leo.  I'll sub for you.  Hehehe.
(12:17:01 PM) Doobes: URU2U will be a bit of URU machinima.  Essentially, an IC, in-game news program of sorts.
(12:17:12 PM) Doobes: So yes, a bit ambitious. :P
(12:17:50 PM) AgeExplorer: Very ambitious.
(12:17:59 PM) Doobes: Last I saw, Ly had written up a treatment of what he was thinking the program would be like.  We were going to get in touch with people that had experience in such things.  Did we hear back from them?
(12:18:01 PM) Musica: Sounds like a good idea, since we don't have TCT much any more
(12:18:14 PM) Ahlisendar is now known as Ahlisendar_BRB
(12:18:29 PM) AgeExplorer: BTW July is going to be a busy month for me so I probably won't be very active.
(12:18:30 PM) Doobes: Hey, get back here!  LOL!
(12:18:33 PM) Doobes: j/k
(12:19:21 PM) Doobes: Understood, Age.  Just pitch in when you can, if you can.  You know all this is strictly voluntary.  If we were getting PAID, then it'd be a different story. ;)
(12:19:58 PM) ***Doobes looks to Lyrositor...sees an empty keyboard
(12:20:00 PM) Doobes: Hehehe.
(12:20:05 PM) Musica: Would the URU2U be done weekly or as news happens?
(12:20:26 PM) Doobes: Unless we get a good system and a solid team together, I doubt it'd be weekly.
(12:20:39 PM) Doobes: It'd be more spread out, like the magazine was.
(12:21:23 PM) Doobes: And as far as content goes, I believe it would feature actual news, if any, but in a humorous fashion.
(12:21:44 PM) Doobes: I've always found news programs to be dull.  Got to spice it up a bit with humour, IMO. ;)
(12:22:27 PM) Doobes: So basically, we need people to write it, people to record and edit video for it, and people to voice act in it.  Those are the big three.
(12:22:46 PM) Doobes: And of course, anyone can do more than one of those if they want.
(12:23:18 PM) Doobes: As far as news to use, we can just pluck it from our main page.
(12:23:24 PM) Musica: Maybe this could be on the Messenger recruitment list of jobs
(12:23:32 PM) Doobes: Unless anyone has other ideas?  I'm open to suggestions.
(12:23:45 PM) Doobes: I think Ly included it in his recruitment post over at the MOUL forums.
(12:24:18 PM) Doobes: AgeExplorer, Leonardo, Nev...you guys still awake? :P
(12:25:34 PM) Ahlisendar_BRB is now known as Ahlisendar
(12:25:54 PM) Musica: WB Ahl
(12:26:24 PM) Ahlisendar: I think it all sounds great. In my opinion, you should do everything you can to make Uru2U a thing, even if it means dropping other stuff.
(12:26:27 PM) Nev: I´m back...again...will just be ¨around.¨ Best i can do, sorrry.
(12:26:32 PM) Leonardo: no....sorry I'm busy making a costume
(12:26:41 PM) Doobes: Really?
(12:26:46 PM) Doobes: :D
(12:27:11 PM) Doobes: Any thoughts on URU2U while we have your attention for a moment, Leo?
(12:27:11 PM) Musica: for a re-enactment?
(12:28:15 PM) AgeExplorer: Making a costume for what?
(12:28:19 PM) AgeExplorer: LOL
(12:28:32 PM) Doobes: Again, I think initial setup of the project will be the toughest part.  If we can start it and streamline it, then it could work to where we can make it a more regular thing.
(12:28:52 PM) Doobes: There you are, Age.  Any opinion on the subject at hand?
(12:29:12 PM) Musica: Is it possible Marten would contribut to this project?
(12:29:24 PM) Doobes: I don't know.  Has anyone talked to him lately?
(12:29:34 PM) Doobes: Would love to have him on board. :)
(12:30:01 PM) Nev: Sorry, i wanted to email people like i normally do, but err, well...I kinda forgot.
(12:30:06 PM) Leonardo: Marten already gave his support
(12:30:11 PM) Musica: I don't know him well enough to know whether he has other projects going on
(12:30:27 PM) Doobes: Soooo...support as in a thumbs up or he'll help with something or...?
(12:30:35 PM) Leonardo: he is very busy wth his new work apparently, but he said he would like to hel pin some way
(12:30:58 PM) Doobes: OK.  Well, there are many things that can be done with it.  Whenever he can contribute is fine.
(12:30:59 PM) Nev: (or just in an ¨advisory¨ role?)
(12:31:13 PM) Doobes: Writing, voice acting, etc.
(12:31:50 PM) Musica: He's been in URU forever and would be great to have him comment on historical events
(12:32:11 PM) CJHerkeless [~4737cb10@ircip1.mibbit.com] entered the room.
(12:32:12 PM) Doobes: Indeed!  If it works well, it could be a regular segment of the show.
(12:32:15 PM) Nev: I´m also going to be contacting Narym about the GoMe history project...as he worked also with the TCT, perhaps he´ll also have some advice.
(12:32:19 PM) AgeExplorer: How far off in the future do we plan on getting this news project started?
(12:32:48 PM) Doobes: ASAP, hopefully.  If anyone wants to pick it up and try something with it and present a concept to us, they're more than welcome to.
(12:33:09 PM) AgeExplorer: It just doesn't seem like there are enough active people to support such a project at this time.
(12:33:13 PM) Doobes: Such as Ly's script from awhile back.  It was a start.  Something like that, you know?
(12:33:43 PM) Doobes: Nor for anything else we're working on, but we continue on, don't we?
(12:33:58 PM) Ahlisendar: I could definitely do some work on Uru2U if you need it. I just like to write stuff, y'know?
(12:34:20 PM) Doobes: Heh, that's fine.  If you want to try your hand at scriptwriting, be my guest.  I'd love to see what you can come up with.
(12:34:59 PM) Doobes: I'd say keep it light and humorous, but not TOO dirty, IMO. ;)
(12:35:33 PM) Nev: To quote Leo, ¨A few dedicated people have kept active GoMe over the years.¨
(12:35:53 PM) Nev: It works is spurts and lulls sometimes.
(12:36:00 PM) Leonardo: did I really say that? XD
(12:36:03 PM) Doobes: Exactly.  And if we can get more "fresh blood" as Ly calls in into the Guild (like Ahlisendar), we could get these projects off the ground.
(12:36:12 PM) Nev: (In a PM a while back.)
(12:36:17 PM) AgeExplorer: ehehehe
(12:36:40 PM) Doobes: Well hey, it's certainly an appropriate comment. :)
(12:36:59 PM) Doobes: So....any other comments/thoughts on URU2U before we move on?
(12:37:32 PM) Ahlisendar: Based on your description, it actually sounds like SourceFed, but Myst
(12:37:40 PM) Ahlisendar: sort of.
(12:37:59 PM) Doobes: Machinima, which, as you may or may not know, is pretty hit or miss.  Hehehe.
(12:38:44 PM) Doobes: OK, if there's nothing else, we'll move on to TCP 2.0.
(12:39:02 PM) Ahlisendar: TCP=The Cavern Post?
(12:39:04 PM) Doobes: http://test.guildofmessengers.com/en/magazine
(12:39:06 PM) Doobes: Yep.
(12:39:12 PM) Doobes: This is what Ly has been working on so far.
(12:40:16 PM) Nev: (Oh, is that what all those ¨Kadish-like¨ mechanical noises were?)
(12:40:20 PM) Ahlisendar: You should be able to subscribe by email.
(12:40:26 PM) Ahlisendar: Just putting it out there.
(12:40:28 PM) Ahlisendar: :)
(12:40:47 PM) Doobes: Good idea.  I'm sure Ly can accomodate us on that.
(12:40:50 PM) Musica: What is it (this is not an echo)
(12:41:30 PM) Doobes: It's an online version of our previous magazine.
(12:41:46 PM) Doobes: Hence the name The Cavern Post 2.0
(12:42:06 PM) Doobes: It will, hopefully, be just like our main news page, only with more in-depth articles like our magazine had.
(12:42:37 PM) Nev: How asbout ¨TCP: Online¨ or something...sorry, moveing on.
(12:42:44 PM) Musica: Oh. Is the plan to post articles there and alert the explorers when a new issue is released?
(12:43:00 PM) Leonardo: I have tyo go out. SOrry I couldn't be active at this Meeting
(12:43:07 PM) AgeExplorer: Thats okay
(12:43:09 PM) AgeExplorer: Bye for now
(12:43:20 PM) Doobes: No problem Leo.  See ya later!
(12:43:25 PM) Musica: Be well Leo
(12:43:30 PM) Leonardo: :)
(12:43:31 PM) semp left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
(12:43:32 PM) Leonardo left the room.
(12:44:16 PM) Doobes: What I am hoping to do is, as the articles pile up, we can publish an anthology of articles in the old form of magazine.  This would require only one instance of work from Polgara and Luna (or whoever is editor at the time).
(12:44:59 PM) Doobes: This way, nobody has to wait on others to publish their work and explorers can still get an actual magazine to read with the best stuff. :)
(12:45:11 PM) AgeExplorer: I think I'm going offline as well.
(12:45:18 PM) AgeExplorer: I'm not feeling well all of a sudden.
(12:45:25 PM) Doobes: ?
(12:45:33 PM) Doobes: Awwww, OK.  Hope you feel better, Age. :/
(12:45:37 PM) Musica: Ah. I asked because I am not as busy in the summer and have an article I'd like to write
(12:45:49 PM) Doobes: With this system, you could get it out there quicker.
(12:45:52 PM) AgeExplorer is now known as AgeExplorerAFK
(12:46:43 PM) Doobes: It'd be like a regular news site that can be visited at any time.  And yes, we could do a "subscription" thing that can alert people to new articles to read.
(12:46:49 PM) Nev: Any ideas how to habdler pictures and such in the articles?
(12:47:06 PM) Nev: sorry...handle?
(12:47:25 PM) Doobes: I have mentioned to Ly that I would like it so that pictures could be added.  In the article they could be thumbnails that could be clicked for larger pics.  Again, just like any news site.
(12:47:47 PM) Musica: Do we still have the Photobucket?
(12:47:51 PM) Doobes: Yes.
(12:48:43 PM) Doobes: Otherwise, you can post your pics anywhere and link to them.  I'm not sure if our site has space restrictions, but you may also be able to post them directly on the GoMe site too.
(12:48:55 PM) ***Doobes REALLY wishes Leo could be here to answer site questions :P
(12:48:58 PM) Musica: I like the idea as the few articles I've written didn't get published for 4-5 months later
(12:49:19 PM) Doobes: Indeed.  This way, those articles don't get left in the dust due to inactivity.
(12:50:00 PM) Musica: I'd still like to see the Ryan Miller article get posted there
(12:50:18 PM) Nev: I actually place pics in my file browser....
(12:50:31 PM) Doobes: Me too.  That could be our first article to launch the new section of the site! :D
(12:50:44 PM) Doobes: Now as far as approval goes...I am thinking it'd be best that that would rest with magazine moderators...those with the corresponding badge...instead of anyone approving.  Thoughts?
(12:50:49 PM) Nev: I can add them to pages, but not sure if the text alignment can be fixed.
(12:51:22 PM) Doobes: Yes, everyone (I think) does have a file browser to upload stuff.  Have to check with Leo if there are limits on that.
(12:51:27 PM) AgeExplorerAFK: I have to go do stuff for the family now.
(12:51:30 PM) Musica: Good idea, a neutral prty
(12:51:35 PM) AgeExplorerAFK: Apparently I won't be getting any rest.
(12:51:38 PM) AgeExplorerAFK: Bye everyone
(12:51:39 PM) Doobes: :/
(12:51:42 PM) Doobes: Bye for now Age.
(12:51:44 PM) Nev: (Well you know my my feelings on approving stuff..I prefer to have some to ¨¨look over¨¨ my stuff before it is posted.)
(12:51:51 PM) AgeExplorerAFK left the room.
(12:52:29 PM) Doobes: Indeed.  This would be restricted to editors of the magazine for peer review.
(12:53:08 PM) Doobes: So, for instance, anyone could submit an article for review, but only Luna (currently) would be able to approve it for the TCP 2.0.
(12:53:26 PM) Nev: (Well, for me that includeds news postings on the front page...but hey...again, that is just me.)
(12:53:27 PM) Doobes: And we could add one or two more assistant editors if needed.
(12:53:43 PM) Guest_23014 [~6251a7b9@ircip1.mibbit.com] entered the room.
(12:54:24 PM) Guest_23014 left the room (quit: Client Quit).
(12:54:29 PM) Doobes: I am a bit reluctant about placing restrictions on approval, but it's only my opinion, and up for debate.  I just don't want everyone approving any old article they see fit is all.
(12:54:31 PM) Luna: I would say all of the magazine team should be able to edit
(12:55:14 PM) Doobes: Ah, so anyone with the Magazine team badge?  That's a good point actually.
(12:55:36 PM) Doobes: True, they should all be able to edit them...but final approval of what goes on the main TCP page?
(12:55:48 PM) Doobes: Your thoughts as current editor, Luna? :)
(12:56:03 PM) Luna: probably the editor :P
(12:56:10 PM) Luna: I would like something extra
(12:56:12 PM) Luna: *someone
(12:56:18 PM) Luna: so it's not just me
(12:56:49 PM) Nev: So, co-editors then? Or something else?
(12:56:53 PM) Doobes: Yeah, I was thinking a couple of assistant editors who could also have final approval in case you're busy.
(12:57:39 PM) Doobes: Like the GM thing, best not to leave all that power in the hands of one. ;)
(12:57:59 PM) Lyrositor: Rejoice, I am back amongst ye mortals!
(12:58:14 PM) Doobes: So bottom line, any magazine team member could edit/correct an article while editors post it to the site?
(12:58:18 PM) Doobes: WB Ly!
(12:58:20 PM) Luna: well I'm slowly stepping back so someone should take over :P
(12:58:27 PM) Luna: yeah something like that
(12:58:37 PM) Luna: kinda like the newsfeed
(12:58:45 PM) Doobes: Yeah.  Does that sound doable, Ly?
(12:58:47 PM) Lyrositor: I doubt I should take over. I'm not good at proofreading.
(12:58:59 PM) Lyrositor: But yeah, that sounds good.
(12:59:00 PM) Doobes: I am.  I could take the job if nobody else wants it?
(12:59:11 PM) ***Lyrositor hears crickets chirp.
(12:59:21 PM) Luna: I'm not good at proofreading either :P
(12:59:22 PM) Doobes: I could be assistant to Luna for awhile of course while things transition.  Hehehe.
(12:59:25 PM) Musica: he's back all right, Ly
(12:59:31 PM) Nev: We could always list it as an open job, to first, then revisit it if we don find anybody.
(12:59:42 PM) Doobes: Good idea, Nev.
(12:59:55 PM) Lyrositor: This should work well, I think.
(12:59:57 PM) Doobes: If nobody wants it after awhile, I'll take the job.
(1:00:05 PM) Doobes: Then Luna can truly rest. :)
(1:00:12 PM) Lyrositor: "One does not simply take over TCP!"
(1:00:20 PM) Doobes: Oh YEAH?????
(1:00:23 PM) ***Doobes taunts Ly :D
(1:00:25 PM) semp [~jmercer@c-71-227-240-161.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] entered the room.
(1:00:29 PM) ***Lyrositor points to Ahlisendar's meme. :P
(1:00:35 PM) Lyrositor: Anyway...
(1:00:54 PM) Doobes: So yes, how about the look of the site.  What does everyone think so far?
(1:01:07 PM) Lyrositor: You mean the magazine part?
(1:01:19 PM) Doobes: Yeah, TCP 2.0.  I posted the link earlier.
(1:01:26 PM) Lyrositor: I saw. :)
(1:01:35 PM) Doobes: http://test.guildofmessengers.com/en/magazine (for those that missed it ;) )
(1:01:46 PM) Ahlisendar: It looks very nice.
(1:01:56 PM) Lyrositor: It looks best in not-IE.
(1:02:03 PM) Lyrositor: For fonts, mostly.
(1:02:18 PM) Doobes: And I'm all for keeping the look of the regular magazine.  Less of a transition for Pol if we decide to do publish an anthology.
(1:03:04 PM) Doobes: But yeah, great job so far, Ly.  It's coming together nicely.
(1:03:11 PM) Nev: Ah, like..whereś the GoMe yellow. Lol!!!
(1:03:25 PM) Doobes: Heh, not EVERYTHING needs to be yellow. :P
(1:03:34 PM) Doobes: Alright, any more comments on TCP 2.0?
(1:03:51 PM) Ahlisendar: Although an interface like this would also be cool: http://buzz.blogger.com/?view=timeslide
(1:04:05 PM) Doobes: (Only one more piece of business after this, I promise!)
(1:04:19 PM) Doobes: Hmm...Ly, what do you think of that?
(1:04:24 PM) Lyrositor: Hmmm....
(1:04:33 PM) Lyrositor: I think it feels too bloggy.
(1:04:44 PM) Lyrositor: Like someone posting his own opinion.
(1:05:21 PM) Nev: Umm...are we going to place a link under ¨affliates/external projects?
(1:05:40 PM) Ahlisendar: Yeah... I just thought it was a nice interface. The current one looks and feels really good.
(1:05:43 PM) Doobes: I'm sure once its done, there will be an easy to use link/button/etc.
(1:06:08 PM) Nev: (I just personally feel thats where it goes...as this is a ¨¨major¨ project along the lines of Relto.)
(1:06:12 PM) Doobes: Again, I'm sure Ly will cook something wonderful up for us.  The site we just showed you IS still a WIP, after all.
(1:06:25 PM) Nev: (Iĺl hush now.)
(1:06:41 PM) Lyrositor: Yeah, I just started it two or three days ago.
(1:07:02 PM) Doobes: It's a thought, Nev, but it IS a GoMe project and will be on our site, so not exactly external. ;)
(1:07:10 PM) CJHerkeless left the room (quit: "http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client").
(1:07:24 PM) Doobes: It'll be there to suppliment the main news page with more detailed articles.
(1:08:00 PM) Doobes: Any more TCP 2.0 thoughts before we move on?
(1:08:16 PM) Doobes: Heh, and they said this meeting wouldn't be orderly. :P
(1:08:39 PM) Lyrositor: To these naysayers, I say, nay!
(1:08:52 PM) Doobes: Oh, have we started a thread about the test site yet, Ly?
(1:09:02 PM) Lyrositor: No, I didn't feel I had enough to present yet.
(1:09:17 PM) Lyrositor: (I'm leaving for my concert in 5 minutes.)
(1:09:18 PM) Doobes: OK.  When you feel you're ready, we should probably make one to keep this discussion ongoing.
(1:09:23 PM) Lyrositor: Indeed. :)
(1:09:37 PM) Doobes: Glad you were here for the TCP portion though, Ly.  Great timing!
(1:09:46 PM) Lyrositor: What can I say? I am a seer.
(1:09:52 PM) Doobes: LOL!
(1:10:09 PM) Doobes: OK, with that, we will move on to the last topic of this meeting: the News Age!
(1:10:19 PM) ***Lyrositor plays a dramatic chord.
(1:10:37 PM) Nev: (Well, once Pol reads this, she may have some ideas to intergrate the look of the magazine, online site, and the GoMe homepage, just saying into on ¨holistic¨ design.)
(1:10:59 PM) Doobes: Nev and I have been discussing back and forth on this and he has come up with a few ideas and scetches for a waystation in the cavern used by the D'ni GoMe.
(1:11:19 PM) Lyrositor: Links: http://www.guildofmessengers.com/en/book/gome-waystation-news-age
(1:11:30 PM) Doobes: Heh, I was just about to post that. :P
(1:11:39 PM) Lyrositor: ;)
(1:11:52 PM) Lyrositor: Hey, you added more details Nev! :)
(1:11:58 PM) Doobes: And Pol is welcome to give us her input on anything TCP related, of course.
(1:12:07 PM) Lyrositor: Of course.
(1:12:16 PM) Doobes: In fact, I'd love to hear all thoughts on that.
(1:12:29 PM) Lyrositor: We'll have to post a thread soon. I might do it tomorrow.
(1:12:44 PM) Doobes: Again, when you feel you're ready to present it to everyone else.  Hehehe.
(1:12:58 PM) Lyrositor: Should this be private? Or public?
(1:13:12 PM) Doobes: Private for now, since it's in the testing stages, IMO.
(1:13:17 PM) Lyrositor: Okay.
(1:13:23 PM) Doobes: We'll reveal it to the public when it's good and ready. :D
(1:13:39 PM) ***Lyrositor picks a Cave Johnson quote.
(1:13:42 PM) ***Doobes said in his best Cave Johnson voice
(1:13:48 PM) Lyrositor: XD
(1:14:06 PM) Lyrositor: Anyway, sorry I can't stay any longer. Take Five awaits!
(1:14:12 PM) Doobes: OK.  See ya Ly!
(1:14:23 PM) ***Lyrositor waves to everyone.
(1:14:28 PM) Nev: Laterz!
(1:14:43 PM) Doobes: So Ahlisendar, Musica, and Luna (if she's still lurking)...thoughts on this waystation idea?
(1:15:10 PM) Doobes: Remember, we could also do an actual separate Age at some point too.  This is just one of the possible ideas.
(1:15:17 PM) Ahlisendar: Seems like an interesting idea... can you give more details on how this would work?
(1:16:01 PM) Doobes: Basically, this area will be placed at one of the many entrances to the cavern itself, by the lake.  The location we're thinking is distanced from the city and city proper.
(1:16:17 PM) Doobes: There would be a small section cleared/restored at first, with more that could be revealed over time through updates.
(1:16:41 PM) Doobes: So basically, it's a cavern location that could be added to over time.
(1:16:50 PM) Luna: I think a waystation would work better than an separate age
(1:16:52 PM) Doobes: Based on the tunnels leading from D'ni to the surface.
(1:16:59 PM) Ahlisendar: So, this is something cyan would do?
(1:17:08 PM) Doobes: Except this would be a different series of tunnels then those.
(1:17:37 PM) Nev: We also wanted something that would utilize existing work by the GoW who wished to help us.
(1:17:39 PM) Doobes: No, we would not use the tunnels that lead to the surface.  The D'ni map that has been released shows there was more than one system of tunnels to and from D'ni.
(1:17:43 PM) Doobes: We plan to use one of those.
(1:18:07 PM) Nev: (Hmm, did I not add that?)
(1:18:43 PM) Doobes: And yes, we'd love help/input/constructive criticism from the GoW if they want.
(1:19:37 PM) Doobes: But yeah, I'd say it's safe to consider the D'ni to surface tunnel system off limits and Cyan's priority...unless we want to try to convince them to let us create it? :P
(1:19:57 PM) Musica: I'm not sure what this way station is or where it would be put or about tunnels
(1:20:25 PM) Doobes: Nev, is the D'ni map where you marked locations for this on the site too?
(1:20:36 PM) Doobes: Sites 1, 2 and 3?
(1:20:48 PM) Doobes: Also, have you played Myst V, Musica?
(1:21:00 PM) Doobes: (Might be a dumb question, but still... :D )
(1:21:21 PM) Ahlisendar: I think that the way station would have to be as IC as possible
(1:21:37 PM) Doobes: Oh yes.  Any content like that would be strictly IC.
(1:22:01 PM) Luna: why not make some kind of tent in the city?
(1:22:11 PM) Luna: or point or whatever
(1:22:24 PM) Doobes: Why make a tent when you can create an entirely new ferry terminal?  Hehehe. XD
(1:22:25 PM) Luna: remember the drc is gone
(1:22:34 PM) Luna: the city is free for all
(1:22:42 PM) Musica: I got through a couple ages of MYST V, that's all
(1:22:45 PM) Luna: wouldn't it be logical to start laying down magaziens etc somewher
(1:22:54 PM) Luna: as GoMe
(1:23:23 PM) Doobes: You saw the tunnel system around the Great Shaft though, right?  The waystation we're thinking of will be a room off of one of those types of tunnel systems.
(1:23:49 PM) Doobes: Used by the GoMe as sort of a midpoint while delivering messages and other things around the cavern.
(1:23:52 PM) Nev: I was thinking it could be someplace where it looks like they started restoring stuff, and accidently left the Magazine, ect.
(1:24:15 PM) Nev: the maps is up now, too.
(1:24:27 PM) Doobes: I like that idea, actually.  Subtle hints leading up to stuff.  OHB did that in fine fashion, so why not us? :D
(1:24:42 PM) Musica: It would be a good way to spread news other than our web site or the imager in the pub
(1:25:13 PM) Doobes: True.  And something like that could be updated somewhat easily, like Sharper's journal.
(1:25:22 PM) Luna: they would still have to go somewhere
(1:25:40 PM) Luna: I think placing something in an existing age is an better idea
(1:26:08 PM) Doobes: It would be less work, yes.
(1:26:41 PM) Doobes: However, I'm not too familiar with placing/paging items into an existing Age.  I'd rely on someone else for that.
(1:26:58 PM) Luna: okay it will probably never be added to cyan's shard
(1:27:02 PM) Luna: that will never happen anyway
(1:27:12 PM) Luna: cyan isn't going to add fanages
(1:27:16 PM) Doobes: Eh, if it ever does, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
(1:27:39 PM) Doobes: Until then, we can just operate as if...like you said...it won't appear on the MOULa shard.
(1:28:27 PM) Ahlisendar: You never know... they might...
(1:28:37 PM) Doobes: There's always a chance.  We'll see.
(1:28:44 PM) Nev: I was also thinking of having some sort of contest for the community interested in working with us on the project.
(1:29:02 PM) Doobes: Could be fun.  What would they need to do for it?
(1:29:22 PM) Nev: (Ever better would be some sort collaborative projects.)
(1:29:32 PM) Nev: not sure, just and I idea.
(1:29:42 PM) Nev: sorry just an idea.
(1:29:46 PM) Doobes: Oh, if only we could pool all our resources into making the fabled Guild Hall...
(1:29:54 PM) Doobes: Or at least A Guild Hall.  Hehehe.
(1:30:32 PM) Doobes: Big fortress for the five major Guilds...and broom closets for the other, minor ones...
(1:30:38 PM) Doobes: j/k ;)
(1:30:56 PM) Ahlisendar: What? Yeah! It has to be the guild hall if anything!
(1:30:57 PM) Musica: hehe
(1:31:35 PM) Doobes: Yeah, it's a cool idea, but the team needed to pull it off would be sizable and I doubt that many people have the time needed to finish it.
(1:31:44 PM) Nev: any other thoughts about the Waystation idea before i head off myself?
(1:32:07 PM) Ahlisendar: To attract people, we should put in a Cafe!
(1:32:07 PM) Doobes: I figure we'll at least try doing a bit of modeling for it...see how that goes.
(1:32:27 PM) Ahlisendar: Or ask the writers to do it.
(1:32:31 PM) Doobes: LOL!  I was actually making one in my Ahra Pahts shell.  Haven't worked on it in awhile though.
(1:32:35 PM) Nev: Hmm....
(1:32:52 PM) Doobes: We could add one to the terminal part of it though.  A place for citizens of D'ni to gather.  Would make sense.
(1:33:06 PM) Doobes: Like a restaurant at an airport. :)
(1:33:17 PM) Doobes: Except it's D'ni and a ferry terminal of course.
(1:33:38 PM) Nev: Iĺl look into the matter tonight.
(1:34:08 PM) Doobes: But yeah, if anyone has other ideas for the News Age, whether it be waystation or not, post on the forums about it in the News Age topic.
(1:34:32 PM) Nev: (I really didnt want boxes on both sides anyway.....)
(1:34:44 PM) Musica: I was thinking you meant to put the URU2U project there, in the ferry terminal
(1:34:45 PM) Doobes: Hehehe.  Me neither.  Too much wasted space.
(1:35:33 PM) Doobes: Eh, we could if it ever gets completed.  Doubt we'd put it there or the Ae'gura terminal though.  Probably one of the many desks in the game, with "on the scene" reporters elsewhere in the cavern.
(1:35:54 PM) Doobes: Again, something we can figure out over time.
(1:35:59 PM) Nev: so something like a ¨patio cafe¨.
(1:36:18 PM) Nev: Well anys, I gotta go...Sorry everyone1
(1:36:22 PM) Doobes: Yeah.  Something to do while waiting for your transporation to arrive.
(1:36:26 PM) Doobes: OK.  TTYL Nev!
(1:36:37 PM) Doobes: And on that note, was there anything else anyone wanted to discuss?
(1:36:45 PM) Nev left the room.
(1:37:41 PM) Musica: Take care Nev
(1:38:15 PM) Doobes: Well then...if there's nothing else, meeting adjourned! :)
(1:38:28 PM) Musica: whoot
(1:38:34 PM) Doobes: You may now resume your regularly scheduled Saturday fun times.  Hehehe.

[End Log]

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